A selection of rich, long lasting and nourishing hand creams from Plum & Ashby that will look after and moisturise dry skin.

Honey & Jojoba Oil cream includes extracts of corn poppy, plant butter and vitamin E, this hand cream is full of natural ingredients and essential oils.

The long lasting, nourishing  Walnut & Rosemary cream will immediately care for hardworking hands, with exfoliating Walnut extract and moisturising Rosemary Oil.

Cleansing and moisturising, the Green Fig and Lavender wash revitalises skin without over drying, making it ideal for everyday use.

Salt-water seaweed blended with the dark, woody aromas of samphire creates a rich fragrance, ensuring a lasting fragrance.

This makes a lovely treat for you or a perfect gift for someone special!  

Made in the North of England