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A trio of scented candles to remind someone special to ‘Sleep’, ‘Breathe’ and ‘Dream’ with fragrances of Lime & Ginger, Bergamot & Lavender and Geranium & Sweet Orange. 
Run a warm bath, put your favourite music on and light some calming scented candles to create an atmosphere of complete peace and relaxation. A trio of scented candles that are sure to make anyone feel at ease and a reminder to take some time for themselves.
This really works to help you to unwind and feel soothed.
100% natural wax and cotton wicks; these things make our scented travel candles special.

It’s really important to know how to burn a candle, to make sure you get the most out of it. So, here’s some top tips:

  • Make the first burn count. Burn for a minimum of 2 hours to make sure the wax pool reaches the edge of the glass.
  • Before you light your candle, make sure you trim the wick to about 5 mm.
  • Safety first. Don’t leave a flame unattended and make sure it is kept out of drafts.

Made in the south of England