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This Mum & Baby Gift Box is the perfect selection of beauty and bathtime products for the new mum and baby. Consisting of 3 wonderful and organic products for each, this is a perfect gift for a baby shower. 

Mum's Products:

Mama's Everything Body Balm: Use on breasts, belly, bottom and thighs. The ethically sourced ingredients of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Oils help to moisturise, soften dry skin and improve elasticity. Can also help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scar tissue leaving the skin super velvety and evenly tones. 

Mama's Belly Rub Stretch Mark Oil: Regular use of this belly rub can help prevent stretch marks, maintain supply skin and improve elasticity. A perfect partner to the Body Balm during winter to soothe those extra dry itchy areas.

Soothe Sleep Oil: Contains Lavender Oil to help calm and relax as well as 3 other fruit and flower essential oils that help to balance the mind. All ingredients are pregnancy safe. 


Baby's Products

Baby's Soothing Bath Soak: Made from oatmeal, this luxurious pre-bedtime baby bath soak helps smooth and comfort itchy, scratch and dry skin. Also includes he gentle scent of Lavender and Chamomile to soothe and calm baby for a restful night's sleep. 

Baby's Rub-a-Bye Body & Scalp Oil: This unscented blend of natural and easily adsorbed oils are rich in vitamins and minerals perfect for soothing dry delicate skin and cradle cap.

Baby's Gentle Lotion: This fragrance free and natural gentle lotion has been formulated for delicate skin. Enriched with Shea Butter and nourishing organic sunflower oil, it is perfect to soothe and calm sensitive skin. Also ideal for massage, moisturising and cleansing the nappy area.