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Majestic Mutt Pet Care is a certified organic pet grooming ranges, designed to provide pure & organic nourishment and moisturisation without any nasty chemicals, preservatives and fragrances.

Coat Balm

  • A combination of organic botanical extracts with shea butter base.
  • Helps to moisturise and nourish the coat to improve its shine, feel and overall appearance
  • Easy to use as the balm melts in your hands while being massaged

Coat Oil

  • Suited for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Provides long lasting moisturisation to dry and moistureless coats
  • Suited to short haired dogs as the oil deeply moisturises and helps to return a shiny health coat and improved feel.
  • Easier to apply to more sensitive dogs that the alternative balm

Insect Repellant

  • Made using a combination of organic essential oils within a soybean oil base
  • Ingredients have been carefully chosen to repel insects, ticks and fleas in a humane and natural way
  • Please note: This product is not as strong as DEET based products and simply an organic alternative

Made in Northumbria