The Library candle is a purely indulgent fine fragrance candle which encapsulates the warmth of Vanilla, the sweetness of Tonka and the spicy pungent aroma of a gentleman's pipe. 

This candle is just perfect for those times you want to wrap yourself in comforting nostalgia. A great gift choice for the man in your life.  

Each candle is made with a lead-free wick and essential oils or a fine fragrance used in perfumes, rather than the diluted candle fragrance.

A 100% natural plant wax has been used, primarily Soy, with a small amount of coconut wax to give it a silky melt pool and to optimise the scent throw. Using these waxes also adds to a clean burn with blacking and sooting which is associated with synthetic and paraffin based candles. 

Made in Tunbridge Wells.