When a lovely customer asked about bags and bits, I just had to create a range which is exclusive to The English Beagle. Angela is her name and so I named the new products range after her.

I have created a range of useful accessories which any lady would like to have. Even my teenage daughter loves the Boobies Bag!

The printed canvas fabrics are all fabrics are sourced from British companies as to continue to support British businesses.  


Tote Bags - approximately  34cm x 40cm

Make Up or Toiletry Bags - approximately - 27cm x 27cm, with 8cm base. 

Purse - Approximately - approximately 14cm x 10cm

All items are fully lines and to be wiped clean. 


PS - The purse sample used in the photo is a bit small as I miscalculated on the pattern. Always measure twice and cut once. ;) 


Made with love, made by hand and made in Tonbridge