The English Beagle started around the kitchen table one June afternoon where three generations of the Laker-Moon family sat talking and drinking tea. Just like that leisurely afternoon where the talk was of family, so too is the story of The English Beagle. Here we celebrate the love of family and gift giving, making sure all our beautiful gifts are full of personality and purpose.

Growing up with textile craft makers around me influenced my career choice and I went on to spend nearly twenty years traveling the world working with manufacturers of almost every description.  With enough air miles to last me a lifetime, I have hung up my wings and now champion local manufactures; bringing British Brands to the forefront of consumers’ minds.

We have handpicked our Brands, ensuring that there is something for everyone. But not only are the gifts remarkable, so too are the stories behind the Brands. From Mumtrepenures, like myself, to Crafts-people who dedicate themselves to their art. From environmental champions to those who support charities, there is a story behind every Brand we have picked.

The vast talent which Britain has to offer is astounding but who are these people who bring the gifts to life? The English Beagle will be bringing their story to you in our ‘Beagle Brand of the Month’ features, as we find out who the people are behind the Brands. I can’t wait to find out the stories our British Producers have to tell.


With love

Audrey and Suzy, the original English Beagle