Taking a fresh approach to girl’s skirts, these are lovingly made to encourage individuality and imagination in young minds. Something to allow the next generation to be who they want to be. In a fabulous selection of prints and tactile fabrics for all occasions and personalities, little girls will just keep on twirling.

Designed for warmth with the faux fur backing, in winter as well as practical when wearing and washing. Comfortable wide elasticated waists allow for the skirt to grow with your child as she gets older.  

Please have a look at the sizes below, all skirts are made to grow with your child.

12/ 18 months : Length 24cm and width 44cm

18/ 24 months: Length 27cm and width 46cm

2 to 4 years: Length 32cm and width 50cm

4 to 6 years: Length 37cm and width 54cm

6 to 8 years: Length 42cm and width 58cm

* width measurements shown are half of full measurements

Made to order, made with love and made in Kent.

Please note that it may take up to 4 weeks to dispatch. 

As items are made to order we can not accept returns.