Struggling to get children off screens and back creating, making and outdoors? 

Don’t throw away your tin can, reuse it and create something new, practical and useful.

This simple to use kit provides all the components young people need to design and make their own unique birdfeeder. With all the components made from recycled car tyres and plant pots, they will not just enjoy the thrill of seeing garden birds use their feeder, but gain a hands-on appreciation of how items can be reused and recycled. 

The kit includes:
-2 x wraps
-Feeder base (made from recycled plant pots)
-Rubber stopper (made from car tyres)
-Educational section on why it’s important to reuse, recycle and how their bird feeder is helping to save the planet.
-Parental guide on how you can link the making of the feeder to key stage 1 and 2 sustainability topics your children will be covering in class.

Made in Britain