From Seedball a collection of wildflower and edible salads and herbs.

  • No digging required!
  • Scatter onto soil in garden or pots and watch the seeds sprout and grow
  • Clay ball with a dash of chilli powder protects seeds from birds, ants and slugs.
  • 20 balls per tin, 100 seeds per ball.
  • Scatter in spring or autumn. Sprouts seen in 4-6 weeks


Herb Selection - Basil, Chives, Sweet Marjoram, Dill and Parsley

Salad Selection - Greek Cress, Salad Rocket, Kale, Red and Green Frills Mustard

Native Wildflowers designed to bring colour to your garden and encourage wildlife like bees and butterflies.

Cloud Meadow: A variety of beautiful white-flowering native wildflowers that encourage wildlife. Seeds include White Clover, White Campion, Oxeye Daisy, Meadow Sweet, and Yarrow

Sky Meadow: A mix of five native wildflower species that are great for bees who see in the blue spectrum. Seeds include Forget Me Not, Meadow Cranesbill, Cornflower, Self Heal and Wild Clary

Urban mix: Perfect for pollinators and hardy to polluted urban areas. Seeds include Cornflower Common Toadflax, Cowslip, Meadow cranesbill, Oxeye daisy, Red campion, Musk mallow

Made in London (the tins are made in the last tin can factory in London)