In a bright and vibrant geometric design, these aprons, tea towels and oven gloves will bring a stylish splash of colour into any kitchen. 

Aprons: Approximately 62 x 86 cm in size, these aprons are machine washable and made in 100% cotton.

** With each apron from the Cadiz Range purchased, a complimentary tea towel is gifted as well ** While stocks last **

** Dime and Nickel Aprons purchased will receive a complimentary oven glove ** While stocks last ** 

Oven Gloves: Approximately 34 x 20 cm in size, these are machine washable. Made with 100% cotton outer printed fabric and a polyester filling. Oven gloves are sold separately.

** Oven Gloves in the Cadiz Range are Buy 1 Get 1 Free ** While stocks last **

Tea Towels:  Made with 100% cotton, these tea towels are approximately 70 x 50cm in side. Fully machine washable and with a handy hanging loop. 


Made in Devon