The Music Room candle is a wonderful festive and warming fragrance, which uses three of the key Christmas scents to create a warm and highly aromatic spicy fragrance. 

Cinnamon oil boosts the circulation and is a great antioxidant. It boosts both brain function and cognitive health, while helping to ease heart disease and respiratory problems. 

Sweet Orange is a natural anti-depressant and promotes a feeling of warmth and happiness, while helping digestive disorders and eliminating toxins from the body. 

And Clove Bud; a powerful natural antibiotic and has been known to help with dental pain symptoms. 

Each candle is made with a lead-free wick and essential oils or a fine fragrance used in perfumes, rather than the diluted candle fragrance.

A 100% natural plant wax has been used, primarily Soy, with a small amount of coconut wax to give it a silky melt pool and to optimise the scent throw. Using these waxes also adds to a clean burn with blacking and sooting which is associated with synthetic and paraffin based candles. 

Made in Tunbridge Wells