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A fun gift of bio degradable plant markers featuring a selection of gardening puns.

Teacher Puns: Thanks for all the encourage-mint; You are one in a melon; I’d apple-y be in your class forever; Orange you glad it’s the school holidays?; You’re my all thyme favourite teacher; Thanks for helping me blossom

Grown your love Puns: You are one in a melon; I love you from my head tomatoes; You make my heart skip a beet; Peas be mine; Lettuce be lovers; I’ve bean thinking of you

Digging for Love: Love grows here; Bloom where you are planted; Grow old with me; Your love keeps me rooted; I dig you; Let’s grow together

Dad: I love you from my head tomatoes, I'll always have thyme for you, We're two peas in a pod, We make a great pear, You're a really funghi and Thanks for all the encourage-mint

Grandad: You're in mint condition, You have a peach of my heart, I think you are grape, You're my all thyme favourite, You get better with sage, We make a great pear


Made in Devon