Beauty Scents Candles are lovingly handmade in Peterborough using environmentally friendly materials such as soy wax and cotton wicks. Natural decorative like cinnamon sticks, dried oranges, coffee beans, sea shells and rose petals add to the appeal of their candles.

The candles are made using eco-friendly soy wax as it burns cleaner than paraffin wax. This is due to its natural origins and leaves no petrol-carbon soot that can blacken the walls. 

Soy wax also has excellent fragrance-holding qualities resulting in the candle fragrance lasting longer than other wax candles. Beauty Scents candles contain 7% fragrance oils which are carefully mixed with the wax ensuring that the candles release the scent even when they are not burning.  

Beauty Scents is still a new company and now in its third year is gaining momentum with fans across the country.

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