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Audrey Williams

The English Beagle has been awarded not 1, but 2 gold awards by Bizzie Baby. Products are reviewed by Mums who give these honest opinions on pieces. The testers loved the pieces so much that Gold 5 stars were given by all. 


Olivia Skirt – Watermelon Reviews

Product Tested By Jennifer Willis – Jessica & Chloe – 6 & 4 Years

Jennifer Awarded The Olivia Skirt Watermelon Design 5/5

My first impressions were that the skirt was beautifully packaged and I was really impressed with the quality of the fabric of the skirt! I really loved the fabric and the water melon design was really playful and the colour was lovely and bright! I was really impressed with the fit of the skirt, both my children are quite tall for their age and I often find I am having to buy clothes in much bigger sizes for them, so I was pleasantly surprised that the skirt was a nice longer length with a good size elastic waistband too! Both my children were comfortable in the skirt, it has a lovely elastic waist band that stretches and the fabric is a lovely soft material with a bit of stretch to it- great for kids to feel comfortable and play in. The elastic waist band is fantastic, as it means this skirt will fit both my children for at least another 2-3 years, the elastic waistband also means the skirt will fit children of all different sizes too which is great! Both my children absolutely loved the side pockets – it is what has made the skirt their “favourite skirt” as they love the fact that they can fit teddy bears and figurines in their pockets and carry them around with them! The fabric is a lovely cotton/elastane thick fabric that is very comfortable for kids to play in, it has stretch and is hard wearing and both my kids find the skirt very comfortable! I love the fact that the skirt has been handmade and is unique, and it’s nice to support small family run businesses, handmade items are always better quality and arrive in pristine condition too! The skirt washed very well, dries out quickly and doesn’t require ironing after being washed – which is always a plus! Both my children wanted to wear this skirt really often, it got worn once or twice a week. They usually wore it at home or to Grandparents houses, the park or to the beach! I was really impressed with the quality of the material used, it was lovely and thick and hard-wearing with a nice comfortable stretch to it. I love the thick comfortable fabric of the skirt  and the design and the fact it washed so well without needing ironing! My children loved the watermelon design (my younger daughter LOVES everything watermelon) and they also LOVED the fact it had two really good size pockets that they could fit lots of toys into! I think its great value for money, as it’s a lovely quality skirt that has been very well made with really good quality fabric! I would definitely buy this skirt and will be keeping an eye out on their website for other fabrics and prints to buy! I would definitely recommend this product to family and friends as it is a really good quality skirt, that’s been well made with great fabric!  I give 5/5 as I was really impressed with the size and fit of the skirt as well as the good quality fabric and the fact that both my kids loved the skirt too! Overall the skirt was a fantastic item.  Both my children loved the skirt and it fit both of them well (my 6 year old is tall and slim and my 4 year old is very tall for her age and bigger built and the skirt fit both of them with plenty of growing room – they will hopefully get another 2-3 years of wear out of it).  The fabric used was great quality nice and thick and heard-wearing but with a nice stretch that made it very comfortable to wear, the elasticated waist band is great as it means it fits children of all shapes and sizes and leaves plenty of growing room.  The skirt is well made and the large pockets were a big hit with both my children  – they both wanted to wear the watermelon skirt with the pockets as they could carry around their teddies and toys! The watermelon print was lovely and bright and playful (my younger daughter loves watermelon so especially loved the print!)  The skirt also washed well and dried quickly without the need for ironing which is great! Overall a fantastic skirt- great product!! Thanks for letting us test it! Jennifer Willis – Jessica & Chloe – 6 & 4 Years

Product Tested By Kate Andrews – Arabeth 4 Years

Kate Awarded The Olivia Skirt Watermelon Design 5/5

Lovely packaging, pattern and material. My daughter loves it and definitely looks like it should last her a couple of years. She’s on the lower end of the size range, so a little big, but these means she has room to grow and it will last more than just one season. Definitely comfortable as it had a comfortable waist and the material was stretchy. This fitted well, was comfortable as well and plenty of room to grow, yet it wasn’t falling down or anything. My daughter loved the pockets as she loves finding things have pockets and immediately put her TY beanie boo flamingo in it as she loves to eat watermelon! The material description is correct and it was very stretchy although it did stretch more than the thread in the stitched hem and she broke the seam a bit, but this was definitely her doing something she shouldn’t rather than the skirt! It is  definitely important to support small businesses and give a child a sense of individuality as it’s unlikely she’ll meet someone that has the same skirt. Washed well and didn’t shrink on or loose it’s shape. She would wear this as often as she could after I washed it.  So I would say about 3 – 4 times a week for a couple of weeks and then her obsession died down a bit to 1-2 times a week. My daughter loves wearing this to nursery. Great quality, lovely and soft. I really liked the watermelon design and pockets.  My daughter liked the design and the pockets too. Great value as it lasts for a few years then definitely, especially as I now know the quality is excellent. I would buy this as I would love a matching one for Arabeth’s little sister and I know it would last. I would recommend as great quality for the price. Great quality, lovely material and  pattern, attention to detail with the pockets and waistband and washed well. My daughter loved it, it was stretchy and soft so she could be her normal crazy self in it. The pockets where big enough and easy to use, so she could carry around some toys and it will last her a couple of years. Kate Andrews – Arabeth 4 Years

Product Tested By Angharad Bryant – Nia 5 Years

Angharad Awarded The Olivia Skirt Watermelon Design 4.5/5

This arrived in lovely packaging, I looked forward to opening it. The design works well for a child’s skirt. Not over complicated and suitable to play in. This is a good length, elasticated waist allows it to fit a lot of different children. My daughter is slim so it’s slightly looser on her than ideal. My daughter was very comfortable in this skirt. The elasticated waist is a good feature for a child’s skirt. It will continue to fit as my child grows. My daughter enjoys having the pockets on her skirt to put things in or just for her hands. My daughter doesn’t often wear skirts to play as they can be restrictive but she was able to play happily in this skirt due to the stretch. I like to purchase from small businesses if possible as items are often made more carefully. This washed well at 30 degrees and dried quite quickly. My daughter has worn this about 4 times so far. This has been worn as everyday wear to the park. Good quality material that seems that it will with stand playing. I liked the bright colourful style of this skirt. My daughter enjoyed the colour of it and being able to play. Certainly good value for money. I would buy this as it is an attractive skirt that is well made and seems like it will last well. I would recommend for the same reason. This product is something that I would purchase for my daughter again. The only issue is that the elastic in the waist band tends to twist within its channel. This is a good quality product that my daughter finds comfortable to wear. It was packaged nicely so would make a nice gift as well. Angharad Bryant – Nia 5 Years



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