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The Big T – Royal Whale Reviews

Product Tested By Samantha Turnbull – Eliza 5 Years

Samantha Awarded The Big T Whale Design 5/5

It was packaged nicely and well presented. It’s not something I would normally chose for my daughter but I like and more importantly so does my daughter! It’s nicely printed and would go with most other colours. My daughter is small for her age so it did fit well and I think it will do for quite some time. She was comfortable in this.  She commented on how soft it was. I did have to cut the label out the back of the t-shirt (on the neckline) as she said it was annoying her but once I did this she was very comfortable and happy to wear it. The material is cotton/elastane allowing my daughter to be comfortable and it stretches when playing.  One of the first things I noticed was the stretch in it. Helps even more with the comfort factor. I washed it on a normal wash and it came up perfect. The t-shirt has held its shape and there is no damage to the material. My daughter has worn it several times at weekends. My daughter has mainly worn this at home and playing outside as she has to wear school uniform during the week. I think the quality is fab. I like the stretch and the way the t-shirt holds its shape. My daughter likes how soft it is! This is a unique t-shirt hand made and you can see it’s been well made with care. So many t-shirts are mass produced quickly and are not true to size or made badly. I think considering the quality of it then yes it is value for money. I would consider buying it. I’ll be honest I don’t normally spend £12 on a t-shirt for my children as they can get ruined with sun cream and playing in the garden etc, but this is definitely a good quality t-shirt and the design is quite unique. It’s nice to have some better quality pieces to wear. I would recommend. The design is different, it’s comfortable and good quality. I’m giving it a 5 as I really have no complaints with it! Easy to put on, comfortable to wear and ultimately it looked good on my daughter! Samantha Turnbull – Eliza 5 Years

Product Tested By Elisa Miles – Oliver 5 Years

Eliza Awarded The Big T Whale Design 5/5

It’s a lovely design and well made. It had a nice soft feel and Oliver said wow. The design is lovely and very unisex. I ordered 5-6 for my 5 year old and it is slightly big but very wearable and will obviously last longer so always a bonus. Oliver said it was very comfy and soft. It’s definitely very soft and did not hinder Oliver playing and jumping around. Oliver wore this to the park after swimming and also for a McDonald’s with ice cream afterwards when he wore it for the 1st time. So, you can imagine what was down it and I did worry with it being white. It washed very well with no shrinkage and all the marks came out. He’s worn it twice so far but he is now at school so limited time to wear Muggle clothes unfortunately. He did ask to wear it specifically the second time and usually he’s not bothered what I put on him. He wore it the most the second time as it was a whole day and was at nannies with more ice cream, sweets and dogs to contend with. The material is lovely. It’s soft and has a great feel and washes great. I loved that it washed well especially with it being white and having a very active and messy boy I was a bit worried. My son liked the whale design the best as he loves sea animals anyway so he was over the moon. I have brought many hand-made items for myself and my son and we love to be individual and have something that not many people have. I thought it was a great price especially after using and it washing so well. Even supermarket t-shirts are creeping up in price so to have something handmade to your specification is great. I would definitely buy it and it wears and washes well and Oliver loved it.  I would recommend as it is a great price for a quality t-shirt. Washes well, fits well and Oliver loves it so couldn’t ask for more. I was very worried with it being white and having a messy, crazy boy. It has been worn twice so far and has been put through its paces and has washed up well, hasn’t shrunk and still looks new. The price is very attractive to have something hand made that wears so well. It would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an individual t-shirt that will last your child and they will be comfy and happy to wear and could be passed down to either a male or female child with it being so unisex. Elisa Miles – Oliver 5 Years

Product Tested By Kate Cleverley – Harriet 3 Years 6 Months

Kate Awarded The Big T Whale Design 4.5/5

The quality stood out immediately and the t-shirt had a lovely soft feel to it. A nice bold print with good detail. I ordered age 3-4 which is usually just about right for Harriet although she is starting to outgrow some of her clothes, however this t-shirt has come up very big and will certainly last her a long time! This is comfortable and Harriet enjoys wearing it as a bedtime t-shirt as it is so big at the moment. The material feels lovely and has the stretch aspect. It has washed very well, I was thinking it might shrink a bit and fit Harriet better but has washed up well with no shrinking!She has worn it in the evenings and at bed time for 2 weeks.  Mainly worn around the house and in bed. Excellent and high quality material used on this t-shirt. I loved how soft and stretchy it is. My daughter likes the print on it best. For us I feel it is important this is hand made and gives a real personal feeling when the product arrives. Considering it has been handmade and the high quality  I think it is very good value for money. I would certainly consider buying from this company and they they would make great presents for people as well. I would recommend as all round good personal service.  Only reason for not giving 5 was because the sizing was not as accurate as I expected. Fantastic company, great quality product and service, will certainly recommend! Kate Cleverley – Harriet 3 Years 6 Months

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