Chapter 7: Christmas in July

Audrey Williams

The sun is out and temperatures have risen to ensure we have a balmy summer. As I grew up in Cape Town all I wish is that this sun and heat last well into September. My homesickness is brewing at the moment as we are feverishly working away on Christmas, planning and buying, as well as putting final touches to a huge event in The English Beagle calendar, Christmas in July. A two-day press event in London which allows us to showcase what we have handpicked as our hot picks.

Why homesick do you ask, well, I grew up with Christmas in swimsuits and seeing who could make the biggest splash. Watermelons too big to fit in the fridge were chilled in the pool, along with buckets tied to rope weighed down with the bottles of wine and beer; while Boxing Day was spent at the beach with friends. Taking part in a Christmas event in July is just heaven.


The event The English Beagle is taking part in is the in London and open only to press and influences. This allows us to showcase the best of what 2018 has to offer and what will be hot for Christmas this year. Only in its second year, it has proven to be the press’ go-to event for the season.

Some brands are already stocked; like Bookshell Bindery with their luxurious British leather journals and Catherine Colebrook with their gold printed mugs. Others include Seedballs and one of my favourites Grace and Favour Home.

There are a couple of new brands which I am so excited to start working with. The first being Lena Hill Apothecary Candles, of which I can not begin to describe how luxurious her candles are.  Then there is Louise-Tate Illustrations, the creator of beautiful children’s imagery which has been put onto table mats and puzzles.



I have also been fortunate to work alongside Port and Lemon who have designed a fun and decadent range of kitchen and baking accessories exclusive to The English Beagle. Everyone is a Star Baker in their own kitchen!




I am hopeful that I will remember to pack everything for the event. The van is booked and gift boxes are wrapped. The press pack folders and gift guides have just been delivered and I am over the moon, I even did a little happy dance when I opened the boxes! It is strange that something little, as in an A5 size booklet, can make a grown woman almost cry. The English Beagle is my baby and have put my heart and sole into it. It is amazing to think that I started all of this only one year ago.


I promise to take lots of pictures and upload a video link or too to Instagram and Facebook next week, so please keep watching. If I get a chance I will sneak a peak and what others are predicting for Christmas 2018 and let you all know.  It is only 4 ½ months till Christmas and my Christmas List pen is poised!

Happy Christmas in July everyone.

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