Chapter 8: Not Having That Guilty Feeling

Audrey Williams2 comments

I have realised that there is only one week to go before Mini-Me starts school and have wondered where this holiday had gone. Like many of you who work from home, juggling school holiday and work can be a mine field.

Yet, as I sit and type I realise that I have loved the past few weeks. The special moments I have had with Mini-Me, especially now that she is starting high school, have been so precious to me. I said to Mini-Me as we drove home from the cinema that I am going to miss watching movies with her; just seeing her giggle with excitement and seeing the joy on her face makes sitting through 90 minutes of some cartoon all the more worthwhile.

Have I managed to do a lot of work over the past few weeks? Honestly No! Besides trying to manage the additional chores of having children at home all day, plus the added pressure of having family stay with me, I have just done the bare minimum. The relaxed outlook seems to have done me the world of good.

It all started with a week in Greece, where we spent 7 days just laying by the pool and venturing down to the beach. I took the ‘work’ phone with me and checked in once a day but that was it. I even planned social media and was able to post while on holiday without a lot of thought. Since we have been back, I have relished in the far slower pace and took the time to take stock.  

I do not feel guilty at all for taking some ‘me’ time and to think about what I want and need and what needs to be done within the business. I sometimes find myself thinking back to when I worked full time. I always felt guilty. Guilty for working full time and not spending time with Mini-Me. Guilty for being at home and not putting in extra hours to complete all the work that never seemed to end.

With the end of August in sight, I have realised that I have a few important tasks that needed to be done and with a priority list sitting in prime position on the fridge, I have worked through them. I am pleased to say, although I am writing this at 8pm on a Bank Holiday Monday, that writing this blog is the last item on my list. I can now finish the month of August knowing that all is done.

There is a lot planned for September and I am confident that it will all be done. There are also new brand and product launches coming up and with all the preparation already done, these will run smoothly. Do not forget that it is less than 4 months away to Christmas and we all just love Christmas.

As I finish off, I know that I am going to relish in Mini-Me sitting curled up on my lay while we watch TV before bedtime.  I am going to enjoy the last few days of taking a relaxed approach to work and I am going to relish in the last few days of ‘me’ time.  

I am enjoying not having that guilty feeling.




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