Chapter 5: Relationships

Audrey Williams

I had no idea what to write about for the next installment of Becoming a Mumtrepreneur when something happened in my personal life which got me thinking about relationships, and more importantly, surrounding yourself with the right type of people.

A couple of days before the event happened, the lovely Lisa Dawson @_lisa_dawson_  planted the seed. Lisa responded on Instagram to a post about bullying that was experienced on a so-called ‘friendly and welcoming’ social media group. I replied to Lisa as I agreed to her comments and that what had happened was uncalled for. I never actually took part in anything on this particular social media group as when I did visit from time to time, I found most people to be negative in their approach, complaining and moaning. I actually removed myself from a couple of other social media groups as I found the exact same thing; everyone seemed to complain about one thing or another and it drove me mad. I now find myself only getting involved with those social media groups that have the same mind set as my own.

Over the years I have met many wonderful people who promise to keep in touch but over time, many of these relationships have come to a point where it seems to be very one-sided and I am tired of doing all the work. It is at this point that I decided to stopped making all the effort. Why must I do all the work when a relationship is a two way street. Without going into too much detail about the personal event in question, it was a perfect example of a one-sided relationship that I had no more time for. It infuriated me when I was told that this person felt excluded. How dare they! Why should they feel like that when they have not bothered to get in touch? There is so many ways of communication these days, social media, mobile, telephone, email, there is still ‘snail mail’!

I have learnt the hard way what happens when you surround yourself with people who complain all the time and have a negative outlook on life. I lived under a cloud for so long and it took its toll. One day I decided enough was enough and I took a stand. I proceeded to eliminate the negativity from all aspects of my life. It was a long hard battle, but it is so worth it at the end. It is not easy to find the right people who offer guidance, people who praise and support, and even those who offer constructive criticism. But when you do, together the relationships will be nurtured. 


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