Chapter 3: Women's Day

Audrey Williams


February 2018

The sun is shining and I may sound optimistic here but I feel like spring is in the air.  While gazing out and letting my mind wonder for a minute I began to think about all those women who have influenced me over the past couple of years and helped me get to this point.

This is not written for those women from politics or tinsel town who we all admire at some point in our lives, but for those women who I can actually call and have a chat with. Surely these women impact our lives far more?

The first to mention is a wonderful woman with years of retail experience. Diane Lee is a former Director at BRU UK and I was fortunate enough to work with her in a former life. Diane was one of the first people I spoke to when I was thinking about going out on my own and she did not have one negative thing to say and was full of encouragement and I was spurred on to plan further. Although I have not spoken to Diane since October, I think of her every week and at times find myself asking: ‘What would Diane say?’

The second is a local lady who I do not want to mention by name at this point. Those who know me will never say that I am a shy person, but we all have our flaws and why I am currently admiring from afar.  I have not known this person for very long, nor have I spoken to her more than two or three times, but she is always smiling, always positive and never has anything negative to say.

I can not sit here and not write about my friends: Janine, Karen, Georgina, Charlotte, Gunilla and dear dear Pam. It is amazing how your friends give you the support when you least expect it. It has taken me a few years to get to this point in my life and each of these wonderful women have been there when I needed a shoulder to cry on or a giggle to cheer me up. I am only now starting to see in me what they see in me.

The only way I can describe my grandmother, or Ouma, was as a spirited woman. Full of life and never staying in the same place for very long. Without getting too tearful here, Ouma would be the first to call me after I had come back from a business trip to some far away country. I believe I caught her adventurous outlook on life. I trekked in the Moroccan desert a couple of years ago and at one point I found myself mentally struggling. It was hot and as the path seemed never ending, I began to cry and suddenly missed her very much. Now Ouma always had a beautiful garden and it is one thing that I always remember about her. It is by some miracle that at that very point in my life, with tears mixing with dust on my cheeks and wishing I was anywhere but there, I climbed over the very next dune to come across a field of desert bushes with small white flowers. It was like she was talking to me, reminding me that I could do whatever I wanted to do and to never give up. Tears brewing so moving on…

The next woman to influence me is my mother. Even though Mom and I live opposite ends of the world our relationship is as though we live next door to each other. Mom always knew the plans for The English Beagle, but when I told her that I had resigned from my job and was jumping in with two feet, Mom was the first to jump in with me. Mom has also been my rock over the past couple of years and always knew that no matter how I felt, Mom was there to listen.

So to all woman who read this, have a wonderful Mother’s Day and know that International Women’s Day on the 8th March is dedicated to all of you.

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