The English Beagle Mothers Day

Chapter 12 : My Honours List

Audrey Williams

It has been a year like no other and we are all looking forward to the summer and the hope that this year brings us. With Women's Day and Mother's Day 2021 both within the next two weeks, I decided to put together my own Honours List to celebrate those women who bring something special to both me and The English Beagle. 

These are not in any particular order as each deserve their own medal! Happy reading and let me know who would be on your Honour's List this year. 

Sarah at Little Legs Fabrics - Sarah's little fabric shop has always been my first choice in sourcing fabrics within Britain as the selection is vast and the quality is perfect. In addition Little Legs has grown so quickly over the past year in supplying so many like minded crafters, that Sarah has opened a shop and needed more staff. Now isn't  that a success for Small Business Britain

Online Fabric Store – Little Legs Fabrics // Little Legs Fabrics (@littlelegsfabrics) • Instagram photos and videos

Sarah at De Veley Atelier - As a fellow South African it would be biased if I say that Sarah has a special place in my English Beagle heart, but she does. I just love her jewellery and just wish I have pierced ears. From fairy wings to iconic Rolling Stones tongue image Sarah has something for every taste. I just hope that she brings back her clay necklaces later this spring.

Home | De Veley Atelier ( // De Veley Atelier (@develeyatelier) • Instagram photos and videos


Tess at The Positive Tee Company - I met Tess when I first started sewing girls skirts as I have a strap line #nopinkallowed and I think Tess was one of my first customers when I launched the girls skirts. Since then we have collaborated on a couple of things and Tess has even asked me to make her daughter an office chair cover. I love the philosophy behind Tess's message as we could all do with some positivetee in our lives.

The Positive Tee Company // The Positive Tee Company (@positiveteecompany) • Instagram photos and videos

Silke at Raise Up Business Club - Silke ran (and still does) the Tonbridge mums business club which I joined about 3 years ago. Through Silke's love for the community and the women in the group it grew into what is now known as Raise Up Business Club. Even though I haven't seen Silke in ages her weekly posts within the group still enlighten and motivate me when things get tough. Plus Silke is always at the end of the phone if needed. 

Links page — Raise Up Business Club // Raise Up Business Club (@raiseupbusinessclub) • Instagram photos and videos

Jeanie at The Gilded Bird - Now Jeanie runs her business from the family farm and her warehouse is a barn! Every time I think of Jeanie I picture her packing orders amongst the lambs and chickens. I can assure you that this isn't the case. I met Jeanie at a Baby and Toddler event 18 months ago and I am just amazed at how The Gilded Bird has grown with plans now to take over the changing mat world!

The Gilded Bird: Beautiful Baby Mats and Accessories For Your Nursery – The Gilded Bird UK // The Gilded Bird (@thegilded_bird) • Instagram photos and videos

Claire at Capture Me Happy and My Guernsey Life - Claire has done some photography for me over the past couple of years plus has become one of my best customers. I know that I can also turn to Claire for any advise I may need for The English Beagle. Claire is now living the sun filled life down in Guernsey and I am green with envy.

Capture Me Happy - Photography (@capturemehappy) • Instagram photos and videos // Claire Reader (@ourguernseylife) • Instagram photos and videos

Naomi at BooBerrit - What can I say about Naomi? Funny, just funny. I love her take on life and living through lockdown with 2 small children. Her videos are funny and my favourite by far is her signing along to J-Lo's 'Ain't your mama'. Plus, who needs a car when they have a bicycle?

BooBerrit (@booberrit) • Instagram photos and videos

Roxanne at Ladbabymum -  No woman should have to go through what her husband makes her go through! But through it all, Roxanne continues to make it funny and not take life seriously.  And is now hit on the tail of Victoria Beckham with her PJ range for Mother's Day. 

Ladbabymum (@ladbabymum) • Instagram photos and videos

Corina at The Finch Family  An avid supporter of small businesses, plus size and Autism awareness, this wonderful lady still manages to get through life with a smile and 3 small children. And it is still special when you get a little message from Corina checking in on me. 

FinchFamily|Blogger|Influencer (@thefinchfamilylife) • Instagram photos and videos

Rebecca at Mothercraftbook - As both family, a crafter and small business owner, Rebecca has become a confidant, essentially when motivation is low and I need a pep talk on all things English Beagle. It is wonderful to have someone facing the same daily small business challenges to talk to. Having both been through similar loss in the last couple of years, it seems as though our budding friendship was written in the stars.

Rebecca Johnstone (@mothercraftbook) • Instagram photos and videos

Best Friends - Now if I was to write separately about my friends I would need several pages so have grouped Pam, Janine, Karen, Gunilla and Georgina into 1 arse-kicking, super powerful entity! Life would certainly be boring without them and even though I have not seen them as much over the past year they are still at the end of the phone. There is plenty of time to come to get back into the swing of things. I see endless Rose Wine, G&T's and even the odd Raspberry Mojitos in the future.

My Daughter -  I have included Olivia into my honours list as I am just so proud of the woman she is turning into. Being a teenager during lockdown is not fun but she had shown great strength. But I would obviously say that as Olivia is mine and comes from a long line of strong Moon and Laker women.

4 Moon Girls -  I have decided to end my Honours List with the 4 Moon Girls. I can't really call them girls as they are all women and have all influenced me in some way. My mom and her 3 sisters make up the Moon Girls and each are special in their own way. Being born a Moon, they all shine brightly and influence me in what I do. Their constant support and love, even thousands of miles away in sunny South Africa, ensure that it is always sunny here in Kent.

So to Mom, aunts Pat, Aunty A and Dinky; and my sister Sandra Happy Mother's Day.









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