Chapter 1: Mumtrepeneur

Audrey Williams

I began this blog not knowing what to write as I have never written one before. When I started this journey a few months ago social media never crossed my mind, let alone blogging.

Let me start at the beginning, at the young age of thirty something I decided to become a Mumtrepeneur. A change of role and a change of pace is what I needed and wanted. I quit my job at a successful Children’s Brand and after years of traveling the world, visiting manufacturers of every description I wanted to do something that I was becoming quite passionate about, championing the local producers and craftsmen.

Why British you ask – well, I grew up around crafts women and it influenced my career choice. But as the years sped past traveling I began to consider the local producers. In an industry where price is key I soon realised that price is not everything. Quality, heritage and provenance can offer far more value to life.

So I set out to find Brands who I could relate to. Mumtrepenures, environmentalists and companies who champion special causes. I have found wonderful brands that some may never have come across and hope to become the place where the two sides meet. The gift creator and the gift giver. 

I have learnt so much about myself and who I can count on when the road seems never ending. I would say to people ‘I am trying to set up a company’ until a wise lady replied ‘Why do you say trying? You are already doing it.’ This changed my way of thinking. I am doing this and so far it is proving to be successful, even social media does not seem to scare me anymore.

I sat working one recent afternoon and realised that although I am working late into the night, I do not feel guilty anymore at being a ‘working mum’; whereas I always felt guilty when I worked 9 to 5. My daughter is my guiding light. Her occasional cuddles in the office and her curious questions on what I am doing always make me smile and I am so proud that she shows interest.

When I started this adventure I did not know where the road would take me and I can see only wonderful things ahead. I have learnt so much so I will end off with a key piece of advice for those wanting to do something for themselves and by themselves: Do not be scared to ask for help or seek a professional opinion.  I have met fabulous women along the way all who have contributed in one way or another to The English Beagle. Without them I would not be sitting here writing this and I am forever grateful to them.

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